COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

All guests are welcome to stay in our individual, private accommodation (this includes cabins, motel rooms and apartments). We are also sensitive to the requirement to protect the health, safety and comfort of our staff and customers. Use of campground facilities and sites are restricted to those who present vaccine passes.

Guests who present a valid, government-issued Vaccine Pass 

  • May check in and pay at the reception desk 
  • Have the option of receiving regular servicing of their rooms 
  • Are free to use any of the communal facilities that they wish to

Guests who do not present a valid, government-issued digital Vaccine Pass 

  • Will need to provide payment details ahead of time and will be charged remotely, at no extra cost to them
  • Will receive their room keys and a map to follow in order to get to their rooms using a contactless process
  • Are not permitted to enter the reception building, but will be provided with phone details of the on-site manager and owner
  • Will not receive regular servicing of their room
    • Fresh laundry, tea and coffee will be delivered contactless upon request
  • Will not be permitted to use the campground facilities or sites

Our Staff Have Government-Issued Vaccine Passes