General information regarding the shining star

  • The Shining Star does not offer tent camping -- our sites are leveled and hardened for vehicle use.
  • Office Hours are from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm. The owners live on-site and can be contacted outside of these hours if necessary.
  • Check-in opens at 3:00 pm, check-out time is 10:00 am. If a late check-out is desired, please request ahead of time and we will do our best to accommodate.

Hokitika On the west coast of new zealand

This cool little town is a must do.

The beauty of New Zealand’s scenery is famed throughout the world but it is here on the Central West Coast of the South Island that it is at its most extraordinary and most diverse.

The proximity of the rugged coastline to mountain ranges and primeval forests is a rare phenomenon indeed and as if to complement an already perfect scene the World Heritage and Glacier Regions lie beyond.

Bounded by a magnificent unspoilt coast-line, shrouded by rain forest and protected by the towering might of the Southern Aps, active pursuits and visual indulgences are abundant in their possibilities.

Clear mountain-fed streams, lakes and rivers provide for excellent fishing and boating opportunities whilst the primeval forests allow for exhilarating explorations into the unknown.

Perhaps the only dilemmas which activity to pursue first. A scenic flight, a fishing expedition or perhaps a pioneering adventure into isolated bush and uncharted waters. Whatever your decision, be assured that nestled in this scenic wonderland is a comforting town centre from which to enjoy the magnificence which surrounds. Hokitika provides for every possible comfort after a day of exhilarating activity or leisurely pleasure.

Friendly award winning restaurants and a gloriously secluded beach all encourage indulged relaxation, whilst heritage trails, visitor attractions, gallery exhibitions and craft demonstrations provide interest and enjoyment.

It is no coincidence that craft artists, sculptors, jewellers, painters and poets have chosen Hokitika as their home. Rich in mineral deposits, natural materials and scenic inspiration, creative talent is abundant, celebrated and diverse. Gold, jade (pounamu) and natural timbers not only provide materials for our artisan talent but have also contributed towards Hokitika’s economy and vibrant heritage.

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